How To Get A New Spring/Summer Wardrobe On A Budget

It’s never too late to start!

It’s officially time to start packing up those winter jackets and turtlenecks and break out your spring and summer selects. But for many, this may be the first spring since 2019 that they get to enjoy. If you’re looking at warm-weather purchases and wondering, ‘What was I thinking?‘  it may be time to add some new pieces to your closet.

While retail therapy can feel damn good, looking at your bank account after splurging can make . Between seasonal sales and great deals, knowing when and where to shop can nix all of your worries about going over budget while still looking trendy and cute. Luckily, spring shopping can be the least expensive out of all the seasons.

Check out our tips for sustainably upgrading your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Embrace the art of thrifting.

Yes, thrifting can be tedious, but there is no denying that you can find some hidden treasures. Check out your local thrift store, pop in some earphones and get to searching for all of your vintage needs.

Sell your old clothes.

We all have those aging items in our closets that we don’t wear anymore, so why just keep them around? Stores like Beacon’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange will compensate you for bringing in old goods, and online shops like Depop and Poshmark even provide a virtual selling experience

Trade in your items.

Many stores and websites that let you sell clothes will also provide the option to trade. If you and another seller like items in each other’s closet, you can bargain with the seller to trade an item for an item.

Rent and resell designer digs.

If you love your high-end labels, utilize brands like Rent the Runway and Rebag. These companies allow you to purchase an item and return it within a certain amount of time. And there is no better resale site with authentic designer items than The Real Real.

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