Shop These Beanies To Stay Cozy And Fresh This Winter

You can never have too many hats

Beanies emerge as the most sought-after accessory during the winter months. Not only do they introduce a playful essential to your winter wardrobe, but they also provide warmth in the process. With its snug fit, it helps to retain body heat, keeping the head and ears protected from the cold.

Available in a wide range of designs, beanies allow individuals to express their personality and unique sense of style. Whether it’s a vibrant color, a logo, or a specific knit pattern, the cozy accessory can serve as a personal statement.

Before you area experiences another freeze, GU sourced the most sought-after beanies on the market that adds the perfect touch to your street style look, work fit or everyday ensemble. Scroll ahead and shop our top beanies to stay cozy and fresh this season.

Charles Jeffery Loverboy Hat, $175 

Embrace your youthful spirit with the attention-grabbing Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Hat that has been making waves of late. The black knit beanie features an added ears-like look for the ultimate fashion forward.

Mea Culpa Mohair Beanie, $105 

The Mea Culpa beanie, gaining viral attention, has adorned the heads of your beloved influencers and is destined to be a standout and recognizable accessory this winter season.

Kwls Brown Precious Beanie, $195

Handcrafted by Kwls, this mohair blend with ribbed material adds a whimsical touch with its cat-ear silhouette. 

Kin Satin Lined Beanie, $35 

Guard your hair in the cold season with a satin-lined beanie from Kin, guaranteeing that your silk presses remain luxuriously smooth.

D’or Pink Logo Beanie, $50

Popularly known for their “I love women” sweatsuits, D’or has introduced its iconic logo mania hats to perfectly complement any winter ensemble.

Emotional Therapy Mad Grillz Beanie, $80 

Experience the latest fashion transformation from Emotional Therapy as they unveil a mohair rendition of their beloved character beanie. Be among the first to embrace this fresh style.

Honor the Gift Script Beanie, $45 

This soft rib beanie from Honor the Gift includes their iconic logo and a design perfected to keep you cozy. 

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