Sevyn Streeter On Her Style: ‘I Like To Record And Write According To How I Feel & What I Wear That Day’

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The relationship between fashion in music is undeniable and songstress Sevyn Streeter says she’s intentional about matching her creative energy with her personal style.

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Speaking during a fireside chat presented by Coca-Cola with ESSENCE Senior Beauty & Style Editor Blake Newby during the 2021 ESSENCE Fashion House, the Grammy-winning entertainer elaborated on the important role fashion plays in her recording and songwriting process. “I have a studio in my house and, I like to record according to how I feel and what I wear that day,” she said. “So, if I feel like I wanna write a lil sexy song, I’mma throw on a sexy lil black dress, my split is gonna be up to here [motions], my red lip will be on, I might have me a glass of wine and…it’ll be a whole vibe.”

The R&B starlet went on to describe what her studio look might be when she’s recording more laid-back records and how she feels her style influences the outcome of the music she makes during her creative process. The conversation also touched on the women in her circle who help keep her inspired to try new things fashion-wise, some of her favorite fashion memories as an artist, her new single with Bia, and more. 

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