How To Know If You’re Getting Too Much Screen Time

The answer isn’t as simple as you’d think, but monitoring yourself helps.

Do you know how much time you’re spending on your electronic devices? If not, you should because it could effect you emotionally.

According to a study conducted by Preventative Medicine Reports, there is a link between lots of screen time and depression. The study revealed, “[T]here were higher odds of developing depressive symptoms among people who spend [more than six hours] per day in TV watching and computer use.”

Thankfully, Apple is giving iPhone users the opportunity to be more in control of how much time we spend on our phones. If you head to the “Settings” app and scroll down a bit, you should see the “Screen Time” capability. That setting allows you to monitor your screen time.

You can even set alarms that alert you when you’ve spent a designated amount of time on social media. This is an attempt to make us more aware of how we’re spending our time. It’s also possibly a wake up call for those who aren’t getting enough face-to-face time, or people who aren’t engaging in activities that don’t require an electronic device.

There’s no exact amount of time that you should or shouldn’t be spending on a screen, according to Psychology Today.

But what do you do when you work on a computer or a phone for a living? Well, you should make sure that there’s a clear definition between work usage and home usage. That way, you know when you’re on the internet for work purposes, and when you’re just mindlessly scrolling on your phone.

Also, it’s smart to have a predetermined amount of time that you’re going to spend on your devices. Most importantly though, stick to those set boundaries. Discipline is key!

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