8 Apps To Increase Your Productivity In 2024

Pull out your phone and head to the App Store.

Although we’ve all been focused on the holidays, one approaching forces us to hit the restart button: New Year’s Day, the new beginning promotes a do-over to head to the gym, start initiatives at work, and increase productivity.  

Since most Americans spend time on their phones, why not make them extra useful? Nowadays, many pages of apps help boost mindfulness and sharpen your academic skills without getting bored and leading to wiggly deletes. Learn a new language with Duolingo, use self-care to raise a digital pet through Finch, and with your seeds of consistency, Flora will plant trees for habits. 

Keep track of your progress through streaks, customization, and more with these eight apps worth downloading for 2024. 

Routinery: Self-Care/Routine

As you get into 2024, for most, their biggest goal is developing healthy habits. With Routinery, you’ll create realistic routines from morning to work and evening and maintain a set schedule. 


Are you a spender? Oportun is a helpful savings app that automatically removes small funds from our account for any goal. Whether it’s a vacation, rainy day funds, or a shopping spree, you limit what the app withdrawals to earn more money without noticing.


Having a hobby can help get you through a long workday. Duolingo is the most accessible free language learning app with fun characters and various lessons to get you bilingual quickly. Like Snapchat, the app’s main feature is a hot streak that earns you points and rewards for committing to one lesson daily. 


It’s okay to sneak in a game during empty pockets of the day but make them productive. Elevate works for you by increasing your brain power in math, vocabulary, and more with interactive levels and personalized training.


Flora is the app for you if you want to see your productivity products. Your habit trees will grow as you knock out your daily tasks. Plus, if you use your phone as a distraction, you must restart your growth, pushing you to stay on track.  


The journal-savvy app grants you daily prompts to reflect on your life, progress, and mental health. Commit to writing once or twice daily for the easiest way to practice mindfulness. 

Finch: Self-Care Pet

Daily habit trackers and journaling combine in an adorable digital pet. With Finch, the more you stick to self-care, the better your phone buddy will become. Mindfulness is made simple and rewarding.  

Google Docs

Imagine having to make corrections, and your laptop has no wifi. Don’t stress with the Google Docs app. No matter where you are, edit documents and collaborate with coworkers to meet your deadlines with your phone access. 

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