GU Creator’s House Drops Gems On Friendship And Business

Olamide Olowe and Donye Taylor are shaking up the industry, all while maneuvering adult friendships

No matter what you call your best friend, the goal should always be to level up in your friendships.

At Girls United Creator’s House, ESSENCE Content Director Nandi Howard caught up with industry disruptors Donye Taylor and Olamide Olowe on the importance of friendship during the key transformations in your life as you level up to a new era. As we get older, it can be hard to find new friendships to nurture while entering a new chapter.

From graduating college to starting a new business venture, it’s important to have that support to dream big. “It’s so fun to be friends with someone where they fill your gaps,” Olowe said. “We talk a lot about romantic relationships, but we don’t talk about [friendships] who fill your cup and push you to dig deeper.”

Both ladies have extensive resumes like being in Forbes 30 under 30, marketing milestones, and being in charge of their brands and the major reason they’ve accomplished these goals is that they have each other. “When we are authentic to who we are and what it is that you might do, it is easier to make a decision for yourself, and it’s easier for other people to support your decision,” Taylor said.

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Being in an industry that wants your full attention and dedication can seem overwhelming, and it’s important to share those ideas, moments and creative struggles when maneuvering these spaces. “Transparency and good intent is the key,” Taylor told GU.

The two have learned the importance of working as a unit rather than trying to be the only one on top. Investing in your friends and families allows various brands and ideas to blossom after collaborating. “So many people think that they have to be the one when in reality your friend might get there way faster than you and pull you up much easier and faster than if you did it on your own,” Olowe said.

Being in these corporate spaces can test how you see yourself and your worth, but with the relationships that nurture and support, it’s easy to maintain self-confidence when people pour into you.

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