Hallway Runway: Here Are The Trends We’re Seeing At NYU

From the runways to the hallways, here’s what NYU students are wearing

New York University (NYU) stands apart from traditional colleges due to its integration within the vibrant cityscape. Washington Square Park acts as the nucleus of the university, surrounded by various school buildings. The urban setting allows students to seamlessly merge into the bustling life of New York City, underscoring the importance of individual distinction more than ever before.

College serves as a transformative period during which young individuals explore and discover aspects of themselves before transitioning into adulthood, which may include developing new interests, refining personal style, and uncovering new passions. The various subcultures in New York City serve as a drawing board for students to reveal their true selves. 

GU took a trip to the epicenter of New York University to discover the prevailing fashion trends among students in their day-to-day attire. 

Pants + Skirt

If you’re inclined towards wearing a skirt but the weather is chilly, contemplate matching it with complementary pants like Zaria and accessorize with a Mary Jane shoe and sock combination to perfect the ensemble.

Zaria Brown, ’24

E-Girl Meets Maximalist 

Tylo reinvented the classic E-girl style, infusing it with a playful and flirtatious twist, characterized by vibrant pink hues. From an array of hair accessories to a Tamagotchi and iPod, every detail adds to the charm. Paired with Jeremy Scott Moschino sneakers, this ensemble exudes undeniable show stopping appeal.

Tylo Jahad Couch, ’27

Telfar Bags 

Telfar’s medium shopping bag has quietly become a symbol of practicality and style among Black college students, often considered the ideal choice for a school bag. At NYU it is no different many of the students were seen carrying the coveted item from class to class. 

Tyler James, ’27

Chloe Jones, ’24

Tyra Hughes, ’26

Essence Blake, ’24


Whether it’s a beanie or a cardigan, crochet craftsmanship is the secret to elevating any outfit. The captivating patterns and vibrant colors ensure that each creation retains its individuality, reflecting the unique personality of the wearer.

Elizabeth Akonchong, ’25


Flash a grin and flaunt some ice as you stroll through the school hallways. Zoë paid tribute to the 90s era by donning her Iverson jersey and gold grills, completing the look with style and nostalgia.

Zoë Adia, ’24


From TikTok to the hallways, the fur trend continues its momentum beyond the digital realm. Whether adorning a coat or a hat, fur remains pivotal in infusing a luxurious touch into your winter wardrobe.

Asa Ohalete, ’24

Ashley Franklin, ’24

Isabel Agadagba, ’24


In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend of Gen Z transforming workwear into a bold fashion statement. Carhartt W.I.P. has embraced this shift, attracting a new demographic in the 21st century with their range of jackets, pants, and even boots.

Zachary Nathan, ’24

Okpe Ogedegbe, ’24

Photo Credit: Denise Stephanie Hewitt

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