National Hobby Month: New Hobbies To Try This Year

Don’t be afraid to master a new skill

Celebrate National Hobby Month with a fresh perspective for your free time! Instead of lounging in front of the television or idling away in your bedroom during breaks from work or school, consider embracing a new craft. Engaging in a new activity can elevate your mood by releasing endorphins, introduce you to new friends, and provide an opportunity for personal challenges.

Discovering tranquility in a novel pursuit not only enhances productivity but also kindles a renewed passion for life. Whether you opt for something active, creative, or mentally stimulating, this newfound hobby might even evolve into a second source of income.

 GU has curated a selection of hobby suggestions to inspire your journey this year.


Pottery involves a continuous learning process, from basic techniques to testing more advanced forms. Join a class near you and foster community while learning with like-minded individuals like yourself. This hands-on activity is perfect for engaging your entire body. 

Knitting or Crocheting 

Craft your own cozy creations this winter by learning how to knit. Numerous knitted designs are available to learn, offering a blend of allure, comfort, and style.


If traditional workouts do not appeal to you, consider trying pilates. Pilates focuses on strengthening core muscles, flexibility and enhancing overall body awareness. You may have heard it from Lori Harvey first, but pilates is key to a well-defined core. 


The season of indulgent delights is just around the corner, and what could be a more delightful way to bring joy to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day than with impeccably baked treats? Begin mastering the art of crafting your favorite desserts now, ensuring a seamless and sweet celebration when the day arrives.

Learn a new language 

Foster a greater cultural understanding and enhance your communication skills by learning a new language. Apps like Duolingo, allows you to learn consistently from wherever you are in the world. Not only will it benefit you personally, but also open up new career opportunities and enhance your cognitive abilities.

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