This Mother-Daughter Duo Walked Across The Stage And Earned Degrees Together

They each received bachelor’s degrees from Grambling State University.

Congratulations to Suzzon and Trinity Jiles! On May 19, both mother and daughter graduated together from Grambling State University in Louisiana, their home state, as reported by Blavity. Suzzon received a bachelor’s degree in Child Development while Trinity was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Biology.

“Grambling State has changed my life,” Suzzon said in a statement shared by the university. “I’m now educated and soon to be degreed! I have enjoyed every connection I have made here, finding friends for a lifetime and a plethora of knowledge about early childhood education. I’m very much grateful for that.”

Suzzon says she was inspired by her own family to pursue a career in child care. “I was inspired to become a child-care worker/owner after being number two of 10 siblings. I helped my mom raise my younger siblings and loved teaching them as well. So, I’ve kind of been doing it most of my life,” she said.

Trinity, who is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., also shared what she learned as a student. “Coming to this institution has taught me leadership skills, time management, and how to grow as a young adult,” she said. “It also has taught me how to socialize with people after joining the prestigious sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha.”

Graduating is always an accomplishment – but it is even more so when done in the middle of a pandemic. Alongside her classes, Suzzon was working and taking care of her children in a time when everyone was living at home.

“There were many difficulties I faced working and going to school,” Suzzon shared. “It was overwhelming at times being a wife and a working mother. There were long hours spent studying, not to mention that COVID hit right when I enrolled at Grambling. I never got to enjoy my college experience, and I never even got to tour the campus. But thank God I made it this far, and I will continue.”

Trinity also shared difficulties when it came to studying via online classes. “Organic chemistry was very hard for me due to COVID and the classes being 100% online,” said Trinity. “I’m more of a hands-on person. But the faculty and staff helped me tremendously. The biology department at Grambling State University is like family to me.”

Suzzon and Trinity have plans after graduation. Suzzon’s goal is to open her own child development center in Monroe, Louisiana. As for Trinity, she is looking to enroll at Meharry Medical College School of Dentistry in Nashville, Tennessee. There is no stopping this mother-daughter duo as they conquer the world of post-graduation life together!

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