Always Remember, Knowledge Is Power!

Welcome to Get Lit, our space that’s all about financial, political, and medical literacy.

Does budgeting, the 2020 presidential election, or most importantly, your own body perplex you? Believe it or not, literacy ties all of these together. We know it’s not fair that expectations of young people are so intense, especially so quickly . So, we want to carefully guide you all and help you make informed decisions.

Earlier this month, author Elizabeth C. McLaughlin shared that Generation X women didn’t learn financial literacy specifically, because it was assumed that a man would take care of it for them. McLaughlin attributed this issue to patriarchal thinking. Girls United encourages complete self sufficiency, and as we continue to loosen the shackles of male-centric, societal conditioning, life demands that we gain knowledge about how to advance ourselves.

We’ll also give you the tools to fully understand what the government is up to, and speak truthfully about what your body is doing. We know that sometimes jargon creates a chasm between you and topics that directly affect you. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to close that gap. Everyone should be entitled to understanding, and we fully realize that ignorance has historically been weaponized. With that, we’ve never truly had the luxury of not knowing, and that’s possibly more true now than ever before.

We’ll speak on Stacey Abrams’ feelings about the vice presidency and ways to simplistically and accurately describe physical symptoms. We will also connect with medical and financial professionals, as well as activists, to bring you the most accurate information. In closing, our girls deserve to know what’s going on, and we’re going to ensure that they do!

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