Exclusive: Kayla Nicole Shares Details On Her Super Bowl Look

ESSENCE GU spoke with the model and stylist Manny Jay about how the custom moment came together.

Yesterday, the Super Bowl LV took place between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. With Tampa Bay taking the win, more than most were watching as sports has had a slow but steady return due to COVID-19. While the crowd was not nearly as packed as what would usually be a scorching loud area, there were a few exceptions including the players close family, friends, and significant others.

“I typically get really into it,” Kayla Nicole exclusively tells ESSENCE GU. The influencer publicly dates Kansas City Chief Travis Kelce. The two can be seen posing on the gram looking like complete couple goals. Although the model has been linked to Kelce, she also has curated her own lane in the industry working as a fitness guru, fashion and beauty maven, and on air TV host. “When the work comes I am super fortunate,” she said.

For yesterday’s big game Kayla worked with popular stylist Manny Jay to curate her Super Bowl look. The two have worked together on previous projects and joins Jay’s star-studded client roster which includes celebrities like Jackie Aina, Saweetie, and Dreezy. The stylist tapped Bryan Hearns to make Kayla a custom all-white two piece in which she describes as “tomboy chic.” “When Kayla gave me all of her inspo. I narrowed it down to looks where she would be comfortable,” Jay tells ESSENCE GU. “I told her we should go the direction of custom just because I know we weren’t going to be able to do a fitting.”

Featuring a white halter-top with a diagonal strap going across the front, Manny worked with Hearn to design a matching pant to coordinate with the look, which was all done virtually Jay adds. “Due to COVID, we did everything over zoom.” Following Kayla’s viral Fendi puffer that she sported during last year’s Super Bowl festivities, this falls right up her cozy girl montage. “I think number one on my list is to be comfortable,” she concludes.

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