Jayda Cheaves Details Her Rise To Entrepreneurship

ESSENCE spoke with the content guru about how social media has played apart in her growing success.

From a hair business to a booming Depop account to being an ambassador for brands like Savage x Fenty, Moon Cosmetics and Fashion Nova, Jayda Cheaves is a walking ad.

The following and organic pull the content creator has from her social media accounts have allowed Cheaves to become a growing entrepreneur. “Everything you post is marketable,” she told ESSENCE in a video interview. “You have have to watch what you post and certain things you have to post because it helps your engagement.”

For the last few months, the Instagram guru has teased her new clothing collection, “Waydaminmerch,” which has garnered over 280k followers on the brand’s page without a designated launch date. Cheaves says that learning from the past, she wants to ensure that everything runs smoothly for her new venture. “I took some losses, so now that I have a business and money to put up to make sure everything is the right way, I am going to do it the right way.”

ESSENCE spoke with the IG diva about her latest business venture, getting her start at 16, and she even spilled that her first acting roll will be debuting soon.

Watch here.

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