Visual Artist And Writer Jasmine Weber Is The Latest Star Of Our “Behind The Magic” Series

For the most recent installment of our video series, Behind the Magic, we caught up with writer, editor and artist, Jasmine Weber.

When asked about her magic as a Black woman, Weber replied, “as a Black woman, I’m thinking about these artists before me who brought in their spirituality. And [those] have brought in these generational trends and generational memories into the art they’re making.” Her interest in Black art history has made her a leading, reliable voice in culture.

Weber currently serves as an associate editor for Hyperallergic, a digital art platform that serves as a space for free thinking, as well as critical analysis. During Behind the Magic, Weber talked about how the space allows, and encourages, her to shine a light on Black artists, as well as artists from marginalized communities who wouldn’t normally be featured on a mainstream art publication’s site. She also shared a few of her favorite artists, which include: Lorna Simpson, Mickalene Thomas, and Bettye Saar.

Watch Jasmine Weber’s Behind the Magic episode below.

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