How To Successfully Plan The Perfect Spring Break Trip 

Invest in yourself and your peace of mind

As the spring semester reaches its midpoint, there’s no better time to recharge and prepare for the rest of the year than with a well-deserved spring break getaway. While the planning process might seem daunting, both your mind and body will appreciate the rejuvenation that comes from taking this time for yourself.

Whether you’re leaning towards a bestiecation or a big group adventure, these seven steps guarantee the perfect itinerary. Ensure your trip transitions from chat to reality by adhering to GU’s comprehensive guide for crafting the ultimate spring break getaway.

Make the group chat 

Escaping the confines of the group chat and making plans for trips with your closest friends is an unparalleled thrill. Round up your ride-or-die crew, hop into a text thread, and let the brainstorming begin as you collectively decide on your next adventure destination.

Pick the destination 

Gather at someone’s place and assemble all your favorite travel destinations into a jar. Take turns picking until you’re left with just one option – that’s your chosen destination. This method ensures everyone’s input is considered fairly in deciding where to go.

Find the ideal Airbnb or hotel 

Regardless of whether you lean towards Airbnbs or hotels, begin your quest for accommodation options at your selected destination. Dive into research and meticulously examine reviews to gain insights from firsthand customer experiences.

Select the perfect flight using StudentUniverse 

StudentUniverse provides a ticketing platform tailored for students, offering discounted fares for flying. Gather with your friends and plan to fly together to ensure safety and travel as a group to the airport.

Hit up your favorite stores 

A few fresh bathing suits and some new dresses are essential, especially since we all have that one dress we’ve been saving for the perfect vacation picture. After all, what’s a vacation without capturing those unforgettable moments in style?

Pre-book excursions 

Search through TikTok or Airbnb to discover ideal excursions for the city you’re visiting. Booking in advance often means saving money. Whether you prefer thrilling adventures or more relaxed experiences, you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from.

Research all the go-to restaurants 

Exploring the culinary delights of another corner of the world is one of the most rewarding aspects of travel. Whether you turn to TikTok, websites like TimeOut, or rely on local recommendations, be sure to thoroughly explore all the dining options available to truly savor the experience.

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