How To Host A Party Like A Rich Little Brokegirl

Founder Kimberly Ndubizu shares what it takes to curate an unforgettable night.

Everyone knows a social butterfly that can enter a party knowing no one and then leave knowing everyone. Rich Little Brokegirls Founder Kimberly Ndubizu is New York’s favorite socialite and is always down to host an unforgettable event. From collaborating on women-led platforms for Out Of Office in Los Angeles and London to bringing together a few of New York’s finest it girls for a wine night, no one hosts like Kim.

“I love bringing people together. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was a little girl. Always inviting the new kid into my friend group and planning little outings,” Ndubizu tells GU. “I’ve produced and hosted over 15 Rich Little Brokegirls events in the last two years, and to this day, nothing makes my heart smile bigger than seeing people free to let their guard down and have a good time!”

As Girls United gears up for the Naughty Or Nice Holiday Soiree, we’ve turned to our go-to gal for tips and tricks when hosting or curating your event. Whether it’s with your closest girlfriends or a more extensive evening, scroll ahead to see Ndubizu’s checklist for a good time.

Dress To Impress

Your title for the night is “Hostess With The Mostess,” and to live up to this honor, you must be dressed to impress. I personally prefer a hero dress, one that sparks conversations and allows freedom of movement. My go-to brands are ShuShu Tang, Aje, and AREA— they always offer dresses that will WOW the room. Fun fact: Setting the fashion bar high will influence your guests to follow suit.

Show Up Earlier Than Early

Something ALWAYS goes wrong on the day of your event, and time is of the essence when your guests are en route. Show up an hour earlier than you planned to handle any last-minute mishaps.

Introduce Your Guests

As a host, your job is to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable. I like to assume everyone experiences social anxiety, and it’s my job to take the edge off. The best way is to introduce your guests to each other. Hype them up and say something like “You guys HAVE to meet,” then step away and watch the magic happen.

Make Your Rounds

Don’t sit in a conversation for too long. Chances are everyone wants a little moment with you. As the host, you should acknowledge everyone’s presence and show them you’re happy they could attend. To do this, offer a warm welcome and then use Tip #3 ”Introduce Your Guests” so you can sneak away and spend a little time with everyone!

Have Fun

The best way to ensure everyone is having a good time is to show them how to have a good time. Enjoy yourself. This event is as much about you enjoying yourself as it is about your guests— so bask in the moment, take lots of pics and make lasting memories!

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