Holiday Gift Guide: Naughty Or Nice Soiree Edition

Shop these beauty favorites Girls United and Rich Little Brokegirls can’t live without.

It’s been almost a week since New York’s highly anticipated Naughty Or Nice party hosted by Rich Little Brokegirls and Girls United. If you were lucky enough to snag a gift bag, you’ve been indulging in self-care since. However, for those who didn’t grab one in time or didn’t find themselves in New York, we’ve curated a unique gift guide for you to try our favorites, too.

From bestsellers from Topicals and Amika to new releases from Undefined and MAC, our exclusive gift guide has everything from skincare to haircare and makeup that’ll fit seamlessly into your routines and regimens. Plus, they’re all affordable, whether for treating yourself or gifting with everything $40 or under.

Whether you’re staying home alone, hanging out with friends, or spending time with family, these products will add a bit of spice to your beauty shelves. Scroll ahead and shop the Holiday Gift Guide Naughty Or Nice edition.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater, $7

The facial spray by Mario Badescu has been a fan favorite for decades. The original rosewater formula grants your skin an instant refresh, which is necessary for the colder seasons to soothe and rehydrate.

4 AM Skin Overtime Undereye Masks, $16

What’s interesting about the Overtime Undereye Masks by 4 AM Skin is that they enhance your go-to serums rather than adding another product. The undereye will absorb more activating ingredients by sealing your cremes with the “late nights, early mornings” printed patches. Plus, they’re reusable!

McBride Sisters Collection Red Blend Central Coast 2020, $19

Deriving from the central coast of California, bold plums and cherries fuse together for a delectable wine that’ll quickly be your favorite. There’s a reason McBride Sisters are one of the top leading Black-owned spirits companies, and this rich textured blend is proof.

Ami Cole Lash Amplifying Mascara, $19

In 2024, natural lashes have been massively trending, so it’s only fitting we have a Black-owned mascara on our list. The award-winning Lash Amplifying Wand by Ami Cole features shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish lashes and reveal an elongated yet healthy look.

Undefined R&R Scalp Serum, $22

Healthy hair starts at the root. The R&R Scalp Serum by Undefined revitalizes the scalp with its innovative formula of plant peptides, niacinamide, and even Ashwagandha to strengthen those strands and improve overall hair wellness.

Undefined R&R Sun Crème, $22

Give your skin a juicy smoothie with Undefined’s R&R Sun Creme. Utilizing the brand’s innovative fermentation process, the lightweight product is a skin barrier to environmental stressors without the white cast.

Undefined R&R Hydro Jelly, $22

From the winter season to the hotter months, Undefined’s R&R Hydro Jelly is the tall glass of water your skin will love. It’s lightweight serum features glycerin and pea protein to improve your skin’s natural elasticity and increase circulation. Golden Hour plus Hydro Jelly is a match made in beauty heaven.

MAC Oh Baby LipGlass, $23

MAC’s LipGlasses is a must-have for on-the-go. The Oh Baby shade is golden bronze with a hint of sparkle that brings a warm tone during the winter yet a glistening vibe for the summer.

Little Words Project Custom Bracelet, $35

Alongside the Y2K resurgence, beaded bracelets return to the trendy board. Little Words Project gives you bits of motivation throughout your day, fashionably. Whether you want to customize your own or snag a personal option, these accessories are too cute.

Amika Water Sign Hydrating Hair Oil For Dry Hair, $32

Get ahead of a frizzy spring with Amika’s bestselling hydrating hair oil. If you have dry hair, this gloss will transform your strands to boost their natural shine. It doubles as a heat protectant, becoming the ultimate barrier against 450-degree heat.

Small Wonder Travel Size Shampoo Bottle, $12

This powder-based shampoo instantly activates a nourishing, soft, and silky lather. Small Wonder’s proprietary SHINE37 compound is color-safe, salon-grade, and environmentally friendly with its reusable bottle.

Topicals Faded Mini, $18

If you’re unfamiliar with Topicals, think of it as the it girl of the skincare industry. The signature Faded serum has become a cult favorite due to its fast-acting ingredients to brighten hyperpigmentation, blemishes, marks, and stubborn discoloration to reveal even-toned skin.

Nomadica, $68

What’s better than wine? It’s packaging. Nomadica not only comes with a delectable spirits, but the sleek artistic cans are both beautiful and Instagram-worthy. They’re perfect for capturing a moment with girlfriends, family, or a self care day.

Sad Girls Club Fundraiser

In the spirit of the holiday season, Rich Little Brokegirls and Essence GU have joined hands in a heartwarming initiative to support Sad Girls Club, a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to destigmatizing mental illness among millennial and Gen Z women, girls, and femmes of color. Each donation goes to our $50,000 goal to provide 500 counseling sessions to members of our community. For every $100 donated we’re able to provide therapy for 10 members of our community.

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