Work Up A Sweat With These Must-Have Gym Accessories

These fitness finds are perfect for everyday.

Now that we’ve officially entered 2024, it’s time for the editorial to recognize one of the main resolutions everyone adds: being consistent in the gym. There are two types of people in this world: those who’ll be consistent and those who quit after the first week. 

Regardless of which one you are, there’s no shame in going wild for gym essentials because they don’t necessarily need to be utilized for a workout. From needing something comfortable to run errands or on an overnight trip, these must-haves are quality-driven, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing. From Amazon’s favorite workout sets to the water bottle of your dreams, this also treats you to self-care. 

As you begin your gym journey, shop our fitness finds to enhance your routine and motivate you to a workout. 

FaceGym Exercise Headband, $22

We all love a good sweat sesh, but not when it messes with our edges. Keep them dry and laid with the nonslip exercise headband by FaceGym. Plus, it’s perfect for keeping your hair intact for those skincare moments. 

Suuksess Women Seamless Ribbed Workout Set Backless Sports Bra Booty Biker Short, $24

You can only scroll through TikTok to see a clip of an Amazon favorite. The signature ribbed workout set will keep everything excellent, tight, and accentuated.

Old Navy Light Support PowerChill Longline Sports Bra for Women, $24 Old Navy Extra High-Waisted PowerChill 7/8 Leggings for Women, $27

For quality and affordable gym wear, head to Old Navy. Let’s face it: you probably last visited in 2005 when your mom bought your school clothes, but they’re stocked with plenty of workout sets with flattering colors and designs. Plus, it’s on sale! 

GymShark Vital Seamless 2.0 Long Sleeve Crop Top, $38 GymShark Vital Seamless 2.0 Leggings, $54

Everyone who’s a gym buff loves Gym Shark. Any workout with this brand will feel manageable, from the ultra-soft quality to the breathable mesh. While this set is pretty pricey, the comfort and confidence make it well worth it. 

Calpak CompaKt Duffel Bag, $56

A duffel bag is necessary for those of you who go straight to or from work to the gym. Calpak’s Compact collection compacts into a small bag that fits anywhere, has water-resistant fabric, and has ultra-cute designs. Don’t be basic and snag a Calpak. 


Turn heads at the gym with this spiked bottle by bkr. We obviously don’t need to say much, but the color and quality are all the convincing you need. 

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