GU Office Hours: How To Successfully Juggle Student And Intern Roles

Boost your time management skills with these multitasking tips

Securing an internship is vital for college students looking to enhance their academic journey and increase their chances of securing a job in their preferred field. Unfortunately, not all universities offer internships as a graduation requirement, but no worries, there are other ways to snag apprenticeships thanks to a new influx of resources. Once you achieve your new role as an intern in your field, the real test comes: juggling internship and school life. 

Although summers are the ideal opportunity for internships due to the break from school, that’s not always the case. Making the most of your semesters by engaging in part-time internships while attending classes can significantly enhance your overall work experience. Despite the challenges of balancing both, the benefits make it a valuable investment.

Mecca Pryor, an Essence Editorial Fellow, is pursuing her education at New York University while concurrently managing work responsibilities. Check out her insights and advice on navigating this dual commitment.

Use A Virtual Or Physical Calendar

A calendar helps you organize your time efficiently and remember everything you must do. Effectively managing your classwork and internship responsibilities requires strategically using a calendar to allocate your time accurately.

Set Boundaries

Inform your supervisor of your class schedule, ensuring transparency about your availability and capabilities. Additionally, kindly remind them of your class commitments and encourage them to reach out after class time if they forget.

Steer Clear Of Delaying Tasks

Given the additional work responsibility, procrastination becomes more challenging as you contend with double the obligations.

Create A Community Within Your Industry

Whether it is your intern workload or school, forming a community can be extremely helpful when looking for support or simply someone who understands you. There’s nothing like having a shoulder to cry on during a time of need. 

Schedule Your Downtime

Prevent being overwhelmed by the hustle by planning your work and academic commitments and scheduling time for enjoyable activities, as they are equally important. College is a unique experience, so make the most of it.

Set Realistic Goals

Avoid complacency by consistently reflecting on your actions and seeking areas for improvement. When establishing goals, create smaller checkpoints to ensure accountability and steady progress.

Celebrate Successes

Acknowledging your achievements has the power to enhance motivation and morale. Remember to celebrate your goals, whether they are significant milestones or smaller accomplishments.

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