Here’s How You Can Spend Galentine’s Day

Get your girls together to celebrate each other

Galentine’s Day is more than a fictional holiday; it is a day to celebrate and pour into your loved ones. As the years go by, more Zillennial women are making this cultural moment a time to uplift and embrace friendships in womanhood. Although social media makes jokes about having a Valentine, platonic bonds are also important.

Taking the time to enjoy your friends can strengthen your support system and positively change your mental health. For Gen Z’ers, being open to celebrating your friendships instead of dwelling on your love life can lead to a more significant outcome. This holiday allows your crew to get together, create new memories, and share laughter with one another. As you get plans together in your group chat, here are some new activities to try to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

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Wine Tasting

If you want to feel sophisticated and classy, wine tasting might become a new pleasure. This activity allows you and your friends to step out and try something new while also learning about the must-have wines instead of racking up on mysterious bottles you haven’t tried yet.

Spa Day

Who doesn’t love and appreciate a well-deserved spa day? We’ve seen it in several womanhood films, and it’s become a Galentine’s Day staple. Unwind and relax with several wellness outlets that cater to your physical and mental health. Whether you’re looking for a hot stone massage or some girl talk in the sauna a spa day can help unlock inner peace for you and your friend group.

Karaoke Night

You can never go wrong with a karaoke night for those who like a little more adventure in their friend groups. As you down a couple of pre-game tequila shots having Karaoke with your friends can bring you all closer together and forget any worries happening. This activity takes the pressure off and allows you to just have fun and not worry about the aesthetics at the moment.


From Insecure to Waiting To Exhale, a Girl’s Night In is always a safe plan to sit and enjoy the company of your friendships. No matter if you’re channeling your inner housewife in a cabin or booking a spot in a luxury hotel, it’ll be a great space to bond and celebrate each other.


Having a fun photoshoot moment with your friends is a great way to indulge in Galentine’s Day. You and your girls are not only getting dolled up but also creating new memories. Book a much-needed photo moment to update your group chat picture and bask in each other’s beauty.

About the Author: Kenyatta Victoria is the lead writer for Essence GU, working on all things pop culture, politics, entertainment and business. Throughout her time at GU, she’s garnered devoted readers and specializes in the Zillennial point of view.

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