Here’s The Best In Beauty Of 2023

From bob cuts to tinted glosses, here’s a rundown of the trends and viral moments of beauty this year.

Before we welcome 2024 with open arms, we must chat about what happened in beauty this year. Thanks to TikTok, celebrities, and viral hacks, there was so much to learn, see, and buy in 2023, from skincare to haircare, cosmetics, and nail care.

It’s weird to think that Naturium’s Glow Getter Body Wash made internet waves or how Mielle’s Rosemary Mint Oil blew social media into flames. This year, brands should be thanking those Twitter fingers for an influx of sales when beauty has its trending moments. This year, we’ve seen makeup go from soft glams to extravagant looks with an exciting food fascination, including the latte makeup trend. Haircare made a monumental breakthrough with the ultimate frizz fighter from Colow Wow, and nail art has evolved into the most intriguing designs we’ve seen yet.

As we say goodbye to a jam-packed year of product launches and haircuts, GU takes a walk down memory lane of the good, the scandalous, and the fantastic moments of beauty in 2023.

The Triangle Setting Puff

Every year the beauty guru’s show the masses a new technique, and this year, the triangle setting puff prevented creasing under eyes and cakey makeup. The resurgence of the vintage circular powder puff, resurgence into a triangle to get those hard to reach inner corners and areas for a smooth base.

The Rise Of Press-on Nails

Press-on nails have become a phenomenon and you can achieve the acrylic nail look rather than spending hours in the salon. With new companies and small brands branching into the market, there are now numerous options for nail designs at a faster pace.

Blush Is The New Highlighter

In 2017, the world sported sparkly cheeks and temples. Today, highlighter has officially stepped down to make way for blush, which got an even bigger boost from Rare Beauty’s liquid form.

Aura Nails

This new nail design took over the timeline with intricate designs and bold colors reflecting a specific color of your personalized aura. With new looks constantly popping up on TikTok and Instagram aura nails have become a new staple in the nail world.

Thin Brows

The Y2K era might be slowing down from fashion, but is speeding up in beauty. The thin brows popularized by Doja Cat, influencers, and filters, made for a mega trend this year. Plus with new techniques like covering your actual brows with light makeup, our natural brows didn’t need to compromise.

Ombre Lips

Whether you want a glossy pink or a dark grunge look, the ombre lip combo became the go-to inspiration for those looking to try out a new aesthetic and step out of the traditional lipstick comfort zone.

3D Abstract Nails

For the latter half of the year, our For You Pages were filled with nail looks featuring three-dimensional art. From chrome blobs, to clear strips and animations, the nail industry has accelerated this year to new heights in beauty.

French Curl Braids

Braids will always be an evergreen style for Black girls, and the French curl trend was the perfect style to elevate your knotless braids. The curly ends on each braid added a new flair to the classic summer hairstyle.

Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Oil

Mielle Organics had a great year from becoming a part of P&G Beauty to the mega frenzy with their Rosemary Mint Oil. The scalp serum, which aids in promoting hair growth, became viral after it was praised by non-Black users. While it boosted sales for the brand, it caused discourse for selling out from loyal Black shoppers.

Bob Cuts

From the corporate baddie bob to the shoulder-length hot girl bob, this new cut became a staple for Zillennials looking to try a unique style that highlights the bone structure and enhances your facial features. The trend of bob cuts created a versatile mood board for those looking to see which cut complements them the best.


I cut my hair into a bob , brst devision i ever made😭😭✂️💇🏾‍♀️fypシ blckgirltiktok blackmodels cutmyhair bob

♬ Jumbotron Shit Poppin – Drake

ColorWow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

We’ve finally reached the era of technology that’s brought forth the ultimate frizz fighter. The ColorWow Dream Coat Supernatural spray took the internet by storm with it’s unbelievable

The UNbrush

Formally known as the TikTok brush, this natural hair tool quickly becomes a go-to stocking stuffer for naturalistas who are looking to detangle their curls. Wash day is already a task for Black girls with type four curls, and the UNbrush allows for a smoother process.

Naturium The Glow Getter Multi Oil Hydrating Body Wash

This body wash took the internet by storm in 2023. After going viral from trusted beauty influencers on Tik Tok, the world fell in love with the Naturium brand and their Glow Getter series. The oil based body cleanser makes for a smooth lather and even softer skin making for the perfect base for your go-to body butter.


Lol I got out the shower and was like let me put my girls on 🤣 @Naturium the smoother glycolic acid exfoliating body wash is worth all the hype 😩 #naturium #hygiene #showerroutine #greenscreen

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Graphic Liners

With the help of Naezrah setting the trend for elaborate eye makeup, graphic liner has become a viral sensation as beauty connoisseurs dive into creating eccentric eye looks for the timeline.

Tinted Glosses

Thanks to Elf, Rhode, Saie and Ami Cole, tinted glosses have completely taken over beauty with its nourishing formulas and subtle swatches. Step aside clear gloss, there’s nothing wrong with a tint of pinks or nudes for those Target Runs or quick reapplications in the girls room after sipping holiday-inspired Starbucks drinks.


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