Meet The Gen Z Creators Designing Black Hairstyles For Roblox

Through gaming the next generation is opening a path for more representation

When Jasmine B started her journey with Roblox in 2009, she noticed a stark difference in the representation of Black hairstyles among other characters. “There has always been a need for more Black hairstyles on immersive platforms like Roblox,” she told GU.

As Jasmine continues to grow her platform on Roblox, she’s been able to be the changemaker she wanted to see when she joined the community. “When I first joined, I had the opportunity to bring to life things that didn’t exist,” she says. “I was able to create hairstyles I’ve been wanting and wearing in real life, like my parted afro, and bring them to life on the platform, which gave other users more options to express themselves.”

According to data, Roblox has over 70 million daily active users, 34 million of whom are Gen Zers. These users spend 2.5 hours daily on the platform, representing the top spending age group. Roblox creators like Jasmine can build a thorough community that feels seen and represented. “We uplift each other and share opportunities for other creators to create with brands, each other, and more,” she says.

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Black hairstyles hold significant cultural and historical significance, reflecting centuries of tradition, creativity, and identity. By incorporating these hairstyles into the digital realm, Roblox provides a platform for users to celebrate and honor this rich heritage. Diverse Black hairstyles on Roblox promote a sense of belonging and acceptance for Black players. “I’m extremely shy,” says Roblox creator Lona. “I have learned you must put yourself out there and network.”

Lona, a self-taught Roblox creator on Roblox, has made significant strides in diversifying the platform’s offerings. She has sold millions of items and collaborated with renowned brands like Gucci to create Layered Clothing items alongside her digital accessories such as Bantu KnotsLocs PigtailsBox Braids, and Headscarfs.

Hair is integral to personal expression and style. Roblox provides many options, enabling players to create avatars that reflect their unique personalities and identities. This enhances the gaming experience and reinforces the message that diversity should be embraced and celebrated.

Embracing diversity in Black hairstyles on Roblox is not just about pixels on a screen—it’s about recognizing and honoring Black culture and identity. It’s about creating a space where Black players feel seen, valued, and empowered to express themselves authentically. Creators like Lona and Jasmine set a powerful example for other platforms by championing diversity in all forms and promoting equality and inclusion in the digital landscape.

“The way I see it, creation should be representative,” Lona says. “I set out to create authentic Black hairstyles for avatars. It’s a technical and complex design, but I knew I could do it with passion and flair. I even went back to school to learn the latest methods. I love helping build things to make everyone feel at home.”

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