5 Fool-Proof Study Habits That Can Turn Your Semester Around

You’ve got this.

As syllabus week comes to a close, teachers and professors are beginning to turn up the heat on assignments, homework, and already having students prepare for mid-term examinations. Though it can be stressful, taking a step back and assessing the best ways to handle your school-related stress may be the most effective solution.

Girls United has rounded up a list of the best and most effective study habits for our girls whether you’re trying to finish up your last year of high school to shine on your final transcript or starting your first year of college strong. Check them out below!

Change Your Surroundings

Going stir crazy is absolutely a thing, and you shouldn’t have to suffer from it due to poor study habits. Looking at the same four walls of your dorm room can be a bit debilitating so why not change your surroundings? Whether you sit outside in the quad or relocate to a quiet corner in the school library, there’s nothing wrong with switching up your location.

Form A Study Group

Two heads are better than one. Have your friends, colleagues or classmates hold you accountable with your study habits and do the same for them as well. Get together with some of your friends, hit the books, play some background music and surround yourself with laughs and good energy of those with the same A-plus attitude as you!

Create Memory Games

Good mnemonic devices never hurt anybody. You may have heard “Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally” for PEMDAS, representing the order of operations. Try creating a memory game or acronym for another subject and don’t hesitate to get creative. Use the mnemonic device to remember the treble clefs in your music class or the names of famous Black authors in Black literature.

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Recharge With Some Brain Food

That’s right – brain food! We don’t mean eating brains, but foods that are good to up your study habits and get into your educational groove. According to Healthline, some of the best foods are berries, citrus fruits, and nuts. Moreover, dark chocolate, which is also good for temporary depression relief, is chock full of flavonoid compounds that can increase the blood flow to and from your brain.

Make A Schedule

Getting through the chaos of the first few weeks of school can be easily managed with an effective schedule in place. Buy a planner, set a timer or a reminder on your phone, and carve out time between, before, or after your classes to review your class notes. Rather than squeezing in time between naps, classes, or extracurricular activities, treat studying like you would any other commitment or obligation. After all, you need to understand the material to pass the class, don’t you?

Get Plenty Of Rest And Prioritize Yourself

You can’t pour from an empty cup, sis, so don’t start now. Make sure to get plenty of sleep the night before, take a day off to have a mental health day and rest up. Do your best to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle by eating meals regularly, staying away from the drama, surrounding yourself with positivity, and hone in on the areas of your life that truly matter.

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