Spot On Christmas Gifts For Yourself According To Your Zodiac

Let astrology lead the way to your own present

The Christmas lights and cold cups of eggnog are among the many things to enjoy this holiday season. As you sit with your family enjoying your holiday movie binge, you may start thinking about Christmas shopping. Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and what better way to treat yourself than splurging for the holidays? 

We all know you plan to shop for your family and friends, so we wanted to gather a guide filled with extraordinary gifts. The requirement this year is that you love yourself first by indulging in a guiltless shopping spree for the beautiful job you did this year.

SagittariusRay-Bans Meta Wayfarer Smart Glasses $299 & Cartier Oud & Amber Parfum $355

Sagittarius season is here, and we all know that Sagittarius loves to splurge and get the most expensive item because they’ve worked hard all year and deserve two gifts. Many Sagittarius are hard workers and party harder when they want to celebrate themselves because of all the goals they conquered throughout the year. What better gift than giving yourself a treat for your birthday and Christmas?

The new high-tech Ray-Bans Meta Wayfarer Smart Glasses are the best gift for any socialite Sagittarius. These glasses are like no other- installed with an ultra-wide 12 MP camera to listen to, call, and capture anything with a touch of the classic frame. Also, Cartier Oud & Ambre Parfum should be in your shopping cart, and you won’t regret this sophisticated and intense fragrance. This magnetic scent blends balsamic, ambery, and woody notes and a sweet hint of vanilla to a beautiful symphony. Please don’t feel guilty. You deserve it. 

CapricornDr Dennis Gross Skincare Light It Up Set $455

Being a persistent go-getter is one of the few ways that you can describe a Capricorn. Although they are in the upper echelons, they enjoy some downtime. This collagen skin care kit is the cream of the crop on a beautiful morning. Along with the creams and serums, this kit provides a FaceWare Pro device that helps fight wrinkles and improve elasticity. Remember, money is not a problem to any Capricorn.

Aquarius: YSL Couture Mini Clutch Eyeshadow Palette $68

Aquarius, you may want your glam squad to add this to your future makeup routine. This fixed sign is known for finding a frugal way to make something out of nothing with their creativity and exaggerated ideas just oozing out of their head. This YSL beauty quad gives the perfect finishing glam look for all skin tones with its satin, metallic, shimmer, and matte high-pigmented shades. An effortless all-day glam is within your grasp with this purchase. 

PiscesLouis Vuitton Miniature White Set $315 & YSL 10-Piece Lipstick Showroom Vault $295

Pisces can sometimes overindulge in high-quality items when shopping for themselves because they go above and beyond for everyone at the risk of going unnoticed. However, a shopping spree with desirable luxury items is the quickest way to get a smile on any Pisces’ face. 

Louis Vuitton Miniature White Set gives you seven beautiful scents filled with refinement and poised by adding gentle dashes of spring, floral, vanilla, and jasmine. These seven unique mixtures can pass as household favorites’ in any room. This sensual fragrance set creates a warm, intense atmosphere that will leave you wanting more. Moreover, consider the YSL 10-Piece Lipstick collection as a personal “I love you” gift to yourself. These iconic shades of glossy, matte, shine, and satin give your makeup that classic Hollywood finish. 

AriesHermes Mini Discovery Set $60

Aries loves to be spontaneous and keep everyone on their toes as they anticipate their next move. They are not the ones to talk about it, but the action of showing and proving is their motto. If you want to keep things spicy, make the Hermes Mini Discovery Set an immaculate gift option for any Aries who loves to smell delicious. This four-set of perfumes ranges from floral, white musk, candied orange, and woody notes, providing a fragrance for any occasion. 

TaurusMaison Francis Baccarat Rouge 540 Elixir 4 x 4 $155

While Taurus can be the most down-to-earth sign, do not confuse their earthiness with their exquisite taste. Mediocre will not get you far with this sign. This four-set perfume creates magic with the enticing hue of Ambergris accord with its alluring blend of jasmine, saffron, and ambery notes. This perfume set is a must-buy item as it exemplifies the essence of mystery and is simply irresistible.

GeminiBeyoncé Shop Silver Screen SS Tee $60 & Beyoncè Shop Opulence Fan $40

No other word can describe the mutable sign of Gemini rather than unique. Gemini’s ability to morph into any room and become a butterfly is an unimaginable sight. It’s almost like a revolutionary renaissance – so why not partake in the ultimate Renaissance experience with Beyoncé’s new merch while supplies last? Fan yourself off from being so hot- try cooling off with Beyoncé’s Opulence Fan. You wouldn’t be the diva that you are if you didn’t get a Tee shirt to rock to movies to show that you always support. 

CancerDyson Special Edition Supersonic Hair $330 & Yves Saint Laurent Libre Trio Set $75

Most Cancers you might know may have started their beauty routine at five, so they are no rookie to the game. A match-made-in-heaven product for any Cancer would be the Dyson Special Edition Supersonic Hair Dryer Blue – this hair dryer protects your hair from extreme heat damage with its intelligent heat control. Hair care routines can be tedious, but this product makes everything seamless. Moreover, the Yves Saint Laurent Libre Trio Set embodies fragrances that capture the je ne sais quoi of any woman who makes their own rules.

LeoHigherDose Infrared Sauna Blanket $699 & Hermes Matte Lipstick $75

Leos work hard for the money, honey. Therefore, it’s only right to treat yourself for it. This sauna blanket helps you sweat out impurities and increase blood flow within the comfort of your bed. After a few minutes of laying in this blanket, your skin will glow beautifully, making this product your favorite workout self-care routine. Aside from your health, beauty goes hand in hand. Treat yourself to Hermes red Matte lipstick; its vibrant shades of red and blue can complement every skin tone and provide that perfect evening look.

VirgoYSL Black Opium Gift Set $109

Virgos can possess the ability to be boisterous and alluring while maintaining an edgy quality about themselves. This personality quality can come as a surprise because you are usually fascinated with their strategic ability to execute anything that they come across. YSL Black Opium Gift Set is the perfect gift for any Virgo who wants to enhance their perfume game to the next level. This perfume set blends a modern scent of soft white flowers and rich coffee as playful hints of vanilla dance across your nose.

LibraLouis Vuitton California Dream $320 & Mutha Body Set $169

Since Libras are associated with balancing the scales of their lives, most of our favorite Libras try to give themselves everything they want and would prefer to be surprised by the gifts they get from their friends. These two gifts might not be on your wish list, but after this, these items will immediately make their way to your checkout cart. Louis Vuitton California Dream perfume is a must-have this season as it takes you to a magical place filled with beautiful notes of ambrette and mandarin. This sweet fragrance captures the grace and joy of a breathtaking sunset. Add the sensational Mutha Body Set to your cart and indulge in a blissful shower routine as the body butter soothes any skin type with hints of Mango Seed and Shea Butter. The body oil gives your skin a deep moisturized gloss to prevent dryness and nourish the skin barrier.

ScorpioTatcha Luxury Kiri Set– $344

One thing about Scorpios is that they love an intense ritual to help them center their mind to think beyond the social norm and expound their artistic flow. Tatcha’s Special Edition Luxury Kiri Set is a deluxe self-care experience that will make you cancel your monthly facials. With the influence of Japanese culture, this brand provides your skin with a gentle exfoliating rice polish, dewy skin cream, and many other products that include rice and botanical extracts. Not only does the skincare set give you flawless skin, but it will be an upgrade, so you might keep buying this set as your go-to skincare routine.

About Amber: Amber Little is a writer, fashionista, and digital content creator. Born in East Atlanta, she has used her journalism degree from Georgia State University to educate others on the spiritual aspect of astrology and beauty. She aims to show others that we are all connected through spirituality and individually made special.

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