Gen Z Is Shining Brightly At Disney Dreamers Academy

A few alumni, as well as celebrities, popped in for a quick chat during a special breakfast.

The sun is out in Orlando, Florida, as 100 Disney Dreamers come out to Disney World to engage in a weekend of learning.

For the past 13 years, Disney has worked with ESSENCE and Steve Harvey to give young scholars the opportunity to learn more about the vocational fields they’re interested in. It’s a chance for students to engage with mentors, all while enjoying some spring fun at Disney World.

The festivities began with a light breakfast, where two Disney Dreamers Academy alumni spoke about their experiences within the program. 2018 graduate Tabitha Willis took the floor to talk about how her life was enhanced through the Academy. Willis is now majoring in medical anthropology and biology at the University of Ohio, and is working to destigmatize conversations surrounding mental health.

N’Nasseri Carew-Johnson also talked what she’s been empowered to accomplish since exiting Disney Dreamers Academy. 21-year-old Carew-Johnson is in her third year of Stanford University, and has founded multiple organizations since her stint as a Dreamers.

“I have a huge passion centered around, of course, entrepreneurship,” Carew-Johnson said to the audience. She’s also interesting in educating the masses about financial literacy in an attempt to create generational wealth.

ESSENCE’s own Cassandra Charles spoke about her involvement as well, and shared how important it is to listen to the next generation of change-makers.

Then, for a special surprise, Marsai Martin and Arica Himmel (from Black-ish and Mixed-ish, respectively) came out to talk about how excited they are to come out and support their peers.

Overall, the breakfast was a great time for all, and was the perfect icebreaker for the educational experience.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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