Crystal Singing Bowls: TikTok Trend Or Mental Health Necessity?

We spoke to a few spiritual leaders and gurus about the benefits.

While singing bowls have been around for thousands of years, they’ve become increasingly popular since the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels. From Himalayan and Tibetan singing bowls to crystal singing bowls, the healing properties and beautiful resonance of these instruments are used for various rituals and spiritual practices.

“I learned that Crystal bowls are similar to our bodies in that they both have H20 and crystalline structures. We are made of 60% water, and our bones are mostly made up of crystals and protein collagen, making it so that we are natural receivers of the vibratory frequency of crystal sound bowls,” explained Sihnuu Hetep to Girls United.

As a yoga and meditation guide, Hetep tells GU that she incorporates singing bowls into her day-to-day ritual whenever she feels like it whether it be for alleviating feelings of anxiety and stress or making decisions throughout the day. “Sound healing has been shown to heal mental blockage, emotional unrest, trauma, and even some physical ailments by stimulating tissue and providing relief from conditions including high blood pressure and symptoms associated with cancer. The sound vibration of the crystal bowl can also shift the color vibration of our Aura or electromagnetic field that reflects our bodies’ energy.”

Tarot card reader and spiritual mentor Alexis Marie was first introduced to singing bowls when she was a child and distinctly remembers a brass bowl with elephants across the sides. While she didn’t know what it was then, she had the ultimate full-circle moment when she attended a yoga class in college and noticed a similar yet larger bowl used by the instructor. Today, Marie uses singing bowls as a practice to achieve balance whether it be at a sound bowl healing session at the Transcendental Life Center in Tempe, AZ, or on YouTube’s Healing Vibrations channel.

“Unfortunately I didn’t learn that I had ADHD until I was 27, so I tried literally every semi-healthy coping mechanism for my anxiety and depression for decades, not knowing that the biggest culprit was just lurking under the surface,” Marie confided in Girls United. “Listening to YouTube videos or MP3s on my iPod with crystal singing bowls and binaural beats were some of the ways I could quickly and efficiently calm myself down when I felt myself getting worked up. Thank God for weird YouTube rabbit holes.”

When asked why she believes that singing bowls are becoming increasingly popular amongst Generation Z on social media, Marie attested to the visual aesthetic, which originally drew her in as a kid. “Who doesn’t want a giant rock the color of roses, or the sky, or literal gold. I know I definitely do,” The Wander the Roots founder chuckled. “Aside from how beautiful they are, singing bowls are another way to create your own music I think, and we all need something calming to get us through the day. Think about it: how better to connect with yourself and make music in a way that has been proven to be effective for 6,000 years? I think I’ll take those odds.”

Intuitive Reader and Healer Keri Lee, who is also the founder of Crystal Therapy by Keri Lee, uses singing bowls when she needs what she calls a “little vibe pick-me-up” throughout her daily life. “I sit in front of them to help me meditate when I’m having a hard time focusing or I’m feeling anxious,” Lee explained. Moreover, she also uses them to clear negative energy from her sacred space, as well as her “auric field, crystals, and oracle cards.”

Lee first discovered crystal singing bowls at the top of the pandemic in 2020 when she was searching for calming frequencies to relax with. “I enjoyed how quickly I was able to relax and flow into a meditative state, so I knew I had to purchase my own set,” she said excitedly. “I believe crystal singing bowls are aesthetically pleasing in all ways and people were looking for things that made them feel good. More people have been spending time at home doing a lot of healing and inner work, and sound healing is a perfect tool to support that journey.”


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