Stay Cozy This Holiday Season With These Slippers

Don’t forget about your feet this chilly season

As the winter chill takes hold, we must adapt and update our wardrobe accordingly to shield ourselves from the approaching cold front. As the temperatures drop, it’s harder to escape the cold whether you’re indoors or out and about. Consider investing in high-quality indoor shoes to keep your toes snug and warm consistently.

While Uggs might be your winter staple, numerous other brands have designed slippers specifically crafted to endure harsh temperatures. There’s something for you no matter your preference – whether you prefer an innovative microwavable slipper for an added layer of warmth, or a gripped bootie to keep your ankles cozy and prevent slipping. 

It’s wintertime; grab a mug of hot cocoa, start a Christmas movie, and slide into your favorite pair of house shoes. Check out the ultimate guide to ensuring your feet stay cozy throughout winter.

Ugg Maxi Curly Slide, $100

Ugg is constantly making new innovations to the game of comfort. Their newest curly slide has all the girls running to their stores. 

Microwaveable Booties, $35

Looking for an added layer of warmth? Throw these in the microwave for about a minute and have long-lasting warmth throughout your busy day around the house. 

Mou Black Stitch Slippers, $140

With blanket stitching and crocheted trim at the vamp, these slippers have the perfect nod to detail. 

Proto Collective Suba-Q Slippers, $160

Proto prioritizes sustainability and comfort by crafting these slip-ons from 100% recycled scrap materials in their manufacturing facilities.

Moon Boot Elasticated Band Padded Slippers, $108

Tap into the Moon Boot craze with these padded platform slippers!

Yves Salomon Round-Toe Wool Mules, $266

Infuse a hint of allure into your Netflix and Chill session with bae by slipping into these Yves Salomon slippers.

GCDS Logo Print Faux-Fur Slippers, $207

Stand out by donning these GCDS bright-pink logo slippers for your upcoming Friday night movie gathering with friends.

Appairs Faux-Fur Leopard Print Crossover Slippers, $135

Looking for a bit more ventilation? Try these fuzzy thong slippers to keep the soles of your feet warm while letting your toes enjoy a breath of fresh air.

Bombas Gripper Slipper Bootie, $60

Avoid potential trips and falls by opting for booties with built-in grippers, offering extra height for warmth around the ankles.

North Face ThermoBall Traction Mules, $60

These insulated and water-repellent mules from North Face are perfect for running out to walk the dog. 

Plaid Flannel Faux Fur Slippers, $19 

Feeling the Holiday cheer? Purchase these Christmas-esque slippers and stay festive and comfy throughout this jolly season. 

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