Chloe X Halle’s Most Talked About Fashion Moments From Their “Ungodly Hour” Era

And it’s not over.

For many artist, a new album calls for a style revamp. In the past, we’ve seen entertainers like Beyonce, Rihanna and The Weeknd dedicate themselves to their projects outside of the music when a new era emerges. Proteges to Queen Bey herself, Chloe x Halle have taken a page out of her book and have been giving us drama with every appearance they make.

For their Sophomore album, “The Ungodly Hour,” the two sisters swung out the gate experimenting with their looks from fashion to beauty. After releasing their 2nd project, the pair virally graced award show performances, digital concerts, and personal programs in editorial montages pulling from small and large fashion houses. While working with stylist Zerina Akers in the past, seemingly, Akers was more hands on for this project correlating her work to the growth of these two superstars. Both known for their back-length locs, Chloe x Halle styled their hair in adorned braided moments using wires, jewels, and beads to add to their crown.

Last month, the duo released two separate Instagram accounts after sharing a joint account for as long as they’ve introduced their artistry to the world. “No matter the distance, we’re still together,” Halle, 20, wrote on her page, who is currently stationed in London filming for Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Chloe, 22, has also expressed how much she misses her sister over solo Instagram live sessions and has even had some fun on her solo account posting videos of herself doing the #Bussitchallenge and celebrating the news of a new president.

As both women continue to grow separately as well as in their dynamic music partnership, ESSENCE is celebrating this era of creativity from the pair. Here’s a few of our favorite fashion moments from the Chloe x Halle “Ungodly Hour” cycle.

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