23-Year-Old Black Man Shot And Killed By Ohio Deputy, US Marshal Says He Was Not The Target

A Columbus, Ohio family is mourning the loss of 23-year-old Casey Goodson Jr., who was shot and killed by a deputy officer outside of Goodson’s home on December 4th.

Authorities first alleged that a man was seen waving a gun from his car. The family says that after a trip to the dentist’s office, Casey was returning home with a Subway sandwich when an officer shot him in the back 3 times. Authorities have yet to confirm that he was shot in the back, but on Friday, the US Marshal then revealed that Goodson Jr. was in fact not the suspect that they initially sought.

Goodson’s weapon was retrieved at the scene, according to a Twitter statement from the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. The note also included more information about the officer involved in the shooting, saying that he was “a 17-year veteran FCSO Deputy assigned full time to the US Marshal Task Force.” He has since been identified as Deputy Jason Meade.

The statement referred to Goodson as a “suspect” and did not provide further insight into whether or not he was waving a gun at any point.

“Police shot him in the back three times through the door,” said Tamala Payne, Goodson’s mother said to ABC6. “He doesn’t have any warrants, he’s never been in trouble in his life.”

An autopsy will be conducted later this week, according to authorities.

Goodson’s family has begun a GoFundMe to help with burial costs.

“Casey Christopher Goodson Jr. was a 23 year old man who was unexpectedly taken from us,” the fundraiser’s description begins. “The officers admit that they have the wrong man and say that it is all unfortunate. Casey was shot 3 times in the back, shots piercing his lungs and heart. This situation is very unexpected and we are just really in need of help for his burial.”

The family has also issued a list of demands for the authorities, which include: the release of body camera footage and police reports, an independent autopsy report and an independent prosecutor investigation.

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