Breaking Your Way Into NYFW: Here’s How To Get Involved

From a fellowship to an editor pitch, make Manhatten your playground

September starts tomorrow, and we all know what that means, the return of New York Fashion Week. From September 8 to September 13, downtown Manhattan will become increasingly hectic, with editors lyfting from shows to studios, models heading to castings, and photographers snapping street-style shots from every angle.

Attending or working a fashion week production may be a dream to many, but it’s not far-fetched. There are a myriad of ways to break into NYFW, from writing to taking pictures, there is always room for a new voice and set of eyes. Fashion is always looking forward to the future, and you are it, so lose all doubts and dive in head first. They are awaiting you. 

Here are five ways to get involved in New York Fashion Week as a newbie.

Find A Fashion Week Internship

Though full-time fashion internships may be hard to come by, surprisingly, fashion week opportunities are much easier to land due to the demand and timeframe of the events. Many public relations firms around the city, like The Hinton Group, Tenique Bernard Consulting, and many more are looking for extra hands to help them with their contracted affairs. There are also Instagram accounts like Up Next Designer that are serving as a pulse for brands to search for additional help. 

Pitch Fashion Week Stories To Magazines

If you want to be on the writer’s side of NYFW, pitching to fashion-savvy magazines and digital publications isn’t as challenging as you think. To increase your chances of getting your idea published, focus on a unique angle when covering a potential show or studio. Media outlets will cover the basics and brainstorm ways that your article can offer a new perspective. Once you’ve compromised your list, send them off to fashion writers and editors by grabbing their contacts from social media, LinkedIn or during fashion week itself. 

Volunteer For A Designer

Fashion week is a whirlwind for everyone, especially designers. Whether they’re a small brand, a newcomer label, or a legacy line, they can’t be everywhere at once. Be the helping hand creatives need by honing in on details they may overlook. Brush up on your design skills by assisting with sizing, quick alterations, and even the bustling backstage. This hands-on experience will help you understand what goes into putting a show together and can give your resume a boost when trying to work with an atelier.   

Apply For A Media Pass

If you have a unique eye for fashion and enjoy photography, apply for a media pass. Companies are always looking for an extra set of lenses to capture special moments at their events. If obtaining a media pass is a challenge, consider staking out near Spring Studios and capturing some street-style shots of models, attendees and creatives. Everyone loves a great street-style shot for their Instagram grid. Exchange information and send them the photos, this is a great way to gain exposure.

Attend Panel Discussions

Networking and connecting with individuals in your field is a great way to foster genuine connections and can open doors to new opportunities. Organizations like the Black in Fashion Council and Business of Fashion are always hosting talks with skilled professionals. This is a great way to learn about the industry and seek advice, or a potential gig from creatives you draw inspiration from. 

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