Black Girl Nail Technicians Killin’ The Nail Game

Looking for a new nail tech? Look no further!

One of the most tedious and annoying things in the beginning of quarantine was having acrylic nails on while in desperate need of a fill-in. Looking at the gap between the gel and your cuticles is one of the most agitating feelings when you can’t get your nails done, but during a pandemic, we either had to learn to do our own full sets or pop ’em off and wear ’em natural.

Now, with the world slowly opening back up country by country, state by state, we can go back to the luxury of getting our nails done – but who should we go to? Looking for a cute marble design? How about a cool blue ombre for your upcoming vacation? Coffin style, maybe? Never fear, we’ve got a directory right here!

ESSENCE Girls United has rounded up some of the best Black girl nail technicians showing off their skills on Twitter with designs, shapes, colors and all. Get into this nail game, sis, and book your new nail technician now!

Trenna Seney (@LoveTrenna)

Trilla Nails

Kouture Nail Bar

Alex Melanie

FNGRD By Faith

Koala Tea Nailz

Jaz Quanique

Knaujza Nails

Avaishla Nails

Kayy Dionne

Zama Ntungwa

Icey Milli

Photo Credit: @LoveTrenna/Trenna Senney

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