Yes, Beyoncé Sees Your Memes

We’re not getting a Formation Tour DVD. Sorry.

For her January 2020 cover story with Elle, Beyoncé touched on motherhood, award show snubs, self-care and her forthcoming Ivy Park collaboration with Adidas. The “Formation” singer also spoke on a few inside jokes and memes that only true Hive members would understand. She commented on fans’ deep desire for a Formation World Tour DVD (it’s not happening), an alleged secret Snapchat account, and of course, KeKe Palmer’s “sorry to this man” meme. We stan a cultured queen.

We compiled a list of a few times Beyoncé acknowledged our tweets, haters’ sly digs, and fans’ humble requests.

1. The Formation World Tour t-shirts.

2. Y’all haters are so corny with that illuminati mess. Stop playing with Beyoncé.

4. Queen Bey is not giving us her Snapchat. Sorry to us fans.

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4. She genuinely loves whales!

5. Never forget the hoodie with blurry files on it.

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