Snag These Jackets Just In Time For Spring 

Switch out your big black puffer for a long nude trench

Springtime has arrived, and we’re excited to dance through the refreshing season. For fashion enthusiasts, spring is a delightful intersection. It offers warmth for creative dressing while allowing for the joy of layering and adorning oneself with one’s favorite outerwear.

Shield yourself from the windy season by sporting your beloved trench coat, bomber jacket, or other pieces. Whether you prefer a cropped silhouette or longer hemlines, we’ve got something in stock for every fashion aficionado. Step outside your comfort zone this spring and rock one of our hand-selected pieces. GU has compiled a selection of our preferred spring coats.

Entire Studios A-2 Bomber Jacket, $300

Entire Studios has crafted the perfect bomber, sitting right above your hips with voluminous sleeves adding the perfect proportions to any outfit. 

Source Unknown Double Breasted Long Coat, $325 

This elegant double-breasted coat from Source Unknown features a drop shoulder design and is beltless, offering a sleek and structured look to any ensemble.

Aritzia Finch Trench Coat, $298

Crafted from water-repellent cotton, the Finch Trench coat is built to withstand any storm. Its double-breasted design is complemented by a belt, enhancing your figure.

Zara Fringed Leather Jacket, $259

From Pharrell’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection to the viral sensation of the cowgirl boot, western aesthetics are not leaving the shelves for a long time. Hop on this hot trend and purchase this fringe jacket from Zara. 

Temporary From Brazil Varsity Jacket, $150

Varsity jackets have withstood the testament of time staying true to highschool aesthetics for over 50 years. Temporary from Brazil has put a modern twist on the classic silhouette by incorporating a unique design and color way. 

Mango Cropped Trench Coat, $98 

Mango has addressed your spring wardrobe dilemma. If you admire the trench coat style but prefer a shorter length, they’ve introduced a cropped version, cutting it to almost three-quarters of its original length.

Banana Republic 90s Denim Jacket, $150

While a denim jacket is a spring staple the perfect wash and shape is often hard to find. Banana Republic presents a relaxed, slouchy fit featuring bell sleeves in a light wash, crafted from non-stretch denim.

Honor the Gift Poly Track Jacket, $180 

Honoring the 80s fashion era, Honor the Gift revisits the iconic track jacket by incorporating colorblock polyester and a mesh lining, breathing new life into the beloved style.

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