The Best Fashion Moments From It-Girl Saweetie

The icy queen’s Instagram is pure gold.

If there’s one celebrity who knows her angles, its Saweetie. The Bay-Area rapper is a content queen and has reached a level of consistency that only a select few of her peers can match. Hardly one to wear the same outfit twice on camera, Saweetie effortlessly slays any look she chooses to try.

Last year, the “My Type” performer raised eyebrows as she appeared at each of the major four fashion weeks, garnering the attention of fashion’s hardest critics, designers, and style insiders. Shorty after quarantine hit, the rapper took her photogenic talent and utilized her living space, virtual appearances, and single releases to curate an Instagram page full of viral moments.

Most recently, the starlet has been making headlines for her public break-up and has been noticeably absent from social media. As we await her return to Instagram, we’re taking a look at some of Sweeties best style moments. From casual looks with sneakers, to form-fitting silk dresses, keep scrolling for a look at how the versatile style guru keeps all eyes on her.

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