Best Dressed Black Creatives On Instagram This Week: Hollywood House Edition 

Our favorite fashion moments at entertainment’s favorite stages.

ESSENCE successfully put on another rendition of their Hollywood House experience. The immersive event, set amidst the glamour of award season, offers aspiring entertainers a day-long journey to hone their craft and gain invaluable insights into the path to success in Black Hollywood.

The theme for this year, “Scripting Reel Change,” urges you to boldly pursue your dreams and embrace your breakthrough moment without hesitation. Dressing the part is crucial whether you operate behind the scenes or bask in the limelight. Fashion and Hollywood are inseparable companions, mutually reinforcing each other’s influence.

The attendees at this year’s Hollywood House did not come to disappoint. From rich purples to striking zebra prints and vibrant pops of red, the outfits dazzled with their individuality, reflecting the true essence of each guest. 

Here are a few standout looks handpicked by GU from ESSENCE’s Hollywood House. 

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Ashanna Bri

Blair Lockett

Bryanna Wallace

Gabrielle Slaughter

Janet Jaden

Jean’ae Pennington

Maria Katre

Meagan Faison

Morgan Lewis

Raven Green

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