Best Dressed Creatives On Instagram This Week 

Our online fashion favorites from March 1-7

Flowers are beginning to bloom, trees regain their leaves, and the world seems to come alive again after the cold of winter. It’s an ideal moment to embrace the outdoors and immerse yourself in spring-inspired color schemes, fabrics, and other elements.

One of my favorite trends this season is pairing black sheer tights with micro shorts. It maintains a classy appearance while adding a touch of allure. Meme enhanced her ensemble by adding a vintage Chanel belt overlay, further elevating its desirability.

Yzy’s latest viral sensation is the Wet tank, priced at just $20, ensuring accessibility for everyone. The girls are making waves on Instagram with their stylish ensembles. Model Nina Allens caught our attention, embodying a fierce army-inspired aesthetic paired with the tank. 

There’s a certain allure to flesh-toned outfits that resonates deeply. Witnessing brown pieces against brown skin effortlessly exudes a sense of cohesion like nothing else. Consider a Postergirl jumpsuit akin to Stefney V’s choice, or explore a multilayered ensemble like Carolyn Gray’s for a captivating look.

Shield sunglasses are also experiencing a resurgence this season. Whether they are the classic Rick Owens Shield Shades or the new Balenciaga pair that just debuted in their Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Fisayo Longe’s bold red shield sunglasses with gold frames take center stage in her ensemble.

Let’s be honest; Instagram can be the best place to find your next outfit. There is nothing wrong with grabbing a little inspiration from the Internet, and these creatives brought the best style this week. 











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