7 Beauty Buys Worth Adding To Your Cart

Tried and true.

Do you ever find yourself at the office needing to buy something? Your beauty regimens need a new product, or you want to try something new. Either way, GU’s covered you with recent beauty buys we highly recommend.

This tried and true listicle features new releases and OG go-to’s, including the recent Lux Balm by A$AP Ro-Fenty Skin and deservedly hyped slick salve from Topicals. to the natural dewy Summer Friday’s skin tint and cooling milk primer by Refy. Going into the new year, it might be time to make a few beauty swaps to upgrade your routines.

Scroll ahead and shop seven tried and true products that are worth adding to your cyber cart.

Fenty Skin Lux Balm, $16

Whether you’d want to try because of A$AP Rocky alone, the Lux Balm is the most hydrating balm on the market. The USB-esque design makes it portable for any micro bag and easy to reapply anywhere during the cold season.

Topicals Slick Salve Mint Lip Balm, $16

The Slick Salve has stirred significant controversy on TikTok, which might persuade you to try it yourself. The ultra-glossy look is a must for gloss obsessors, and it hydrates your lips while fighting the chap.

Tower 28 Shine On Lip Jelly Gloss, $16

After seeing a lifestyle influencer sport, the Shine On Lip Jelly from Tower 28, I realized it’s now routinely used for the morning routine. Its accentuated nude swatch makes the almond shade perfect for school or work.

Makeup By Mario Surreal Skin Awakening Concealer, $29

Makeup By Mario now owns the makeup scene. Mario’s Surreal Skin Concealer completely shields redness, dark circles, or tired eyes from making an unwanted appearance.

Benefit Pom Pom Pomegranate Rose Blush, $32

The perfect blush exists, and it’s under Benefit’s hands. Pom Pom Pomegranate gives any skin tone a flushed look without a dramatic color. It’s great for going to work or school when you need something to make you look awake.

Refy Beauty Face Primer, $34 

The super hydrating face primer has flooded the beauty algorithm for a good reason. The product oozes onto the roller to penetrate the skin and make for an excellent base for skincare or makeup.

Summer Friday Sheer Skin Tint, $42

Sometimes, the foundation is heavy for on-the-go. For a quick routine, the Sheer Skin Tint by Summer Friday gives an illuminating base, and its prime squalene ingredient adds a bit of skincare to your look.

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