The Beauty Brief: Introducing NFZD Beauty

Founder Briggitta Hardin chats with GU about her latest botanical formula and the importance of Black beauty founders.

Black History Month is a prime time to introduce Black founders to fresh consumers, so if you’ve been looking for a refresh in your skincare routines, NFDZ Beauty is the brand to keep on your radar. Pronounced “infused,” founder Briggitta Hardin is bringing botanicals to the forefront to target unisex skin concerns.   

The Howard University alumna has always gravitated towards entrepreneurship, but didn’t hesitate to credit the school for pushing her to be a business owner. Starting as an event planner and moving on to a mobile bartending venture has proven Hardin’s grit to work for herself. In 2017, her husband’s back pain prompted her to the introduction of cannabidiol, CBD, which relieved his pain instantly. After researching the ingredient Hardin was ready to take the chemical to the bodycare space in 2018, launching NFZD Beauty.

“At the time, there was still a lot of education around CBD. A lot of people didn’t know about CBD and this was before the past another Farm Bill,” Hardin tells GU. ” There were no people in the industry that looked like us, so, I really wanted to see how I can market this better and bring this product with amazing benefits to help women of color with their skin needs.” 

After much success, In 2020 Hardin decided to transition from prioritizing their CBD formulas to botanicals and natural ingredients to develop a skincare line, broader range accessibility and increase longevity with the NFZD brand.

“CBD has always been just an ingredient in our line,” Hardin says. “We’ve always complimented our CBD with other amazing beneficial ingredients such as Botanicals, Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum, and licorice root. It really helps with brightening the skin and having a healthy glow, so it was really important for us to transition from the CBD.”

To kickstart the NFZD line, Hardin debuted her hero product, the, Illuminate & Hydrate Face Oil. The lightweight and gender-free oil targets hyperpigmentation, oily skin, and uneven skin tones. Hardin mentions her husband keeping it stocked to utilize it as part of his aftershave routine. From there, she developed the Clarify & Clean Oil Cleanser formulated with essential oils, a Glow & Revive Gel Cream and sheet mask for those “everything” shower days.

NFZD’s latest Botanical Collection brings a fresh formula to its new releases including the Brighten & Refresh Gel Cleanser, Even + Glow Vitamin C Serum, and a Brighten + Smooth Peptide Eye Cream. Each product costs $34 and under and even includes a mini version to test the guaranteed NFZD glow. 

Check out Hardin’s favorite product, the importance of supporting Black founders, and what’s to come for the brand this year. 

GU: How has the brand evolved since being thought back in 2017?

Hardin: We initially launched as a brand for women of color, but now, we’ve been introduced to many customers from different backgrounds. We stayed true to releasing products with effective ingredients, which has brought us, new consumers, every day. 

GU: One of your best sellers is the Clarify & Clean Oil Cleanser. What sets this product apart, with oil-based products becoming a hot trend within the beauty space? 

Hardin: It’s an experience. It’s not like e a regular cleanser because you must massage it into your skin to release the essential oils. Our customers love our cleanser because not only is it perfect for your skin, but when you take it off, your skin is soft and just hydrated. 

GU:  As the skin care industry grows, what do you think the future holds for Black beauty founders? 

Hardin: We will continue to make products for everyone. Many people think that because we are Black, our products aren’t accessible to other tones and types. Though not true, we are moving this industry. We have a lot to contribute to this industry. 

GU: What is your number one recommendation for all the products in your line, and why?

Hardin: The face oil. If I don’t have it, I don’t go out. If I’m stranded on a desert island and can only bring one thing, it’s the face oil. It’s fantastic, but you can always follow up with SPF. 

GU: What can we look forward to with NFZD Beauty in 2024? 

Hardin: We are anticipating new Innovative products. I can’t tell you what they are, but we will drop something unique. Our focus is to build our customers and continue to be a trusted brand.

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