These Basics Will Carry You Through The Year And Beyond

Re-up on your cozy sets and work-from-home sweats.

Basic apparel will always stay in style, especially now that Zillennials operate in their work-from-home era. Whether you are entering a new period of the workforce or strutting on campus for your last semester, it’s important to have basics that will last in your collection. 

Classic staples are seeing a resurgence as the next generation finds a happy medium between daily minimalism and maximalist style trends. It doesn’t matter if you shop at Target or Zara; keeping basic attire in your closet is a necessity and a luxury showcasing how to stay prepared for any occasion. 

The best basics allow you to marry your maximal fantasy while applying minimal effort. Need a yoga jumpsuit to go with your Uggs? No worries, we’ve collected many pieces made for the basic baddies looking to refresh and revamp their wardrobe without hesitation.

H&M Basic Ribbed Dress, $30

A ribbed dress in your closet has become a key piece in the basics sector. The long-fitted dress creates a soft texture on the body with a sexy draped neckline to assemble your effortless look. 

Fernvia Women Yoga Jumpsuits, $15

If you’re heavily on TikTok and Instagram, you’ve seen these trendy yoga jumpsuits across the timeline. This ensemble is the perfect piece for the girls on the go to give you a snatched flair while you run errands. 

Athlisan Women’s Two-Piece Sweater Set $46

For those looking for a cozy feel, whether you work remotely or in the office, this two-piece sweater set can become your reliable fit to keep you cute and comfy. 

Adore Me Dorothea Set (First VIP Set $33)

As we maneuver the winter months, the Adore Me Dorothea set as you prepare for any lazy days you need in the house adds an elevated and cohesive look to your loungewear sets. 

Hollister Ribbed Baby Tee 3-Pack, $40

Baby tees are a significant trend among Zillennials. Not only are the shirts super sleepy and add a fitted look, but they also allow you to dress your looks up or down for any occasion. 

Women’s Six Pieces Lounge Set, $46

As we’ve seen, Zillennials love to have sets and basics in bulk. Thanks to Amazon, they now have access to a six-piece set of shorts and shirts for the summertime, where they can mix and match pieces for the season. 

Amazon Chunky Button-Front Pocket Ribbed Cardigan, $47

Nothing beats a detailed cardigan that keeps you warm but caters to those obsessed with the kit sweater trend. Thanks to the boxier fit, it provides the perfect snug and homey vibes for the day. 

Micas Round Neck Long Sleeve And Ruched Pants Set, $25

The classic long-sleeved and ruched pants set is something everyone needs in their closet. Not only does it serve as a convenience for those looking for a quick look, but it’s also a mellow aura that compliments the body. 

Target Women’s High-Rise French Terry Sweatpants, $25

You can never go wrong with a good pair of sweatpants when you don’t want that skintight feel around your legs. With its breathable fabric, the high-rise sweatpants offer a secure fit and pockets for all your valuable items. 

Hanes Originals Women’s Stretch Jersey Hi-Rise Leggings, $20

Leggings are the most important necessities to have in your basic collection. The Hanes stretch leggings are a classic fit and contain high-quality fabric to allow your thighs to breathe, so whether you’re in the middle of a workout or sitting at your computer all day, these leggings won’t let you down. 

About the Author: Kenyatta Victoria is the lead writer for Essence GU, working on all things pop culture, politics, entertainment and business. Throughout her time at GU, she’s garnered devoted readers and specializes in the Zillennial point of view. 

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