Shop Now: B. Simone Launches Second Foot Action Collaboration For Women’s History Month

The influencer and comedian is the first woman to have a collaboration with the brand.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Footaction has once again partnered with comedian, actress and entrepreneur B. Simone. “I’m super excited! We have two new dope designs. Our messaging is always so positive,” B. Simone told ESSENCE. Last November, she launched her “Baby Girl” clothing line with the Foot Locker-owned retailer, ultimately making her the first woman to ever create an exclusive line for the company.

Her new line titled “Faith Over Fear” officially drops today on International Women’s Day and will be featuring tees, sneaker edits and more. “Faith Over Fear is so important to me. It’s the reason [why] I’m so successful. I did it a lot in my past when I didn’t really understand the power of manifestation, but it still applies to how I live today,” B. Simone told ESSENCE about the significance of naming her second collaboration after this mantra. Though she always knew that she was bound for success, B. Simone knew that if she had more fear than faith she would fail. “You’re either going to be scared, or you’re going to have faith that you’re going to make things happen. I chose faith and I think it’s super important for people to understand that they can’t coexist.”

Inspired by the woman on-the-go, B. Simone wanted to create a cute line that was versatile, comfortable and stylish. B. Simone’s second drop is available now on Footaction and includes a cropped hoodie, long sleeved top, leggings and joggers – all in fleece. The “Faith Over Fear” collection. The top and bottom sizes range from XS to XL, and each item of clothing has a faith-based affirmation written on it whether it be “Dream More,” “Making My Dreams A Reality,” or “Dream Bigger.” The classic black cropped hoodie has the word “faith” in bubble gum pink graffiti letters above the word “fear,” which is crossed out. Thus, creating the signature “Faith Over Fear” item.

With these designs and positive messaging, B. Simone wanted to encourage her fans and supporters to always stay the course of their own aspirations. She plans to spend International Women’s Day by encouraging and supporting her fellow women. “Manifest the life you want and just like our merch says, have faith over fear and dream bigger. There is no cap to it. If you are in a place that you don’t want to be in, push yourself. If you have not yet reached your goals, dream bigger!,” B. Simone said. 

She continued to express her passion for women empowerment, girls coming together to uplift and encouraging one another to win – while not being competitive or envious of another woman’s position. “Everybody’s purpose, journey, and destiney is different. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, just link up with like-minded people and come together,” B. Simone said. 

Product pricing ranges between $45 and $65. Shop here.

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