Ask GU: Asking For Help And Beating Valentine’s Day Blues

Time to dig into the other reality regarding the season of love

Hey, virtual besties, we’re back with another installment of Ask GU Volume Two. You all did not hold back with the questions, and we’ve got the answers for you. As many of us maneuver what feels like our unscripted show of being in our 20s, we’ve reached the classic Valentine’s Day build-up episode. While the seasons are changing, there’s a sense of wanting to reinvent yourself as we enter a new month.

Of course, it’s easy to be in your boss mode energy, but you would also be doing yourself a disservice by not being honest with yourself and your emotions. The Valentine’s Day blues and finding your community throughout your young adult years can be hard but have no fear GU is here. Check out this week’s conversation dissecting community, relationships and even your burning questions regarding internships.

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Q: How Can Someone Get An Internship With GU?

GU: Girls United is always open to fresh voices and perspectives. At the time, we do not have internships available. However, freelance opportunities are available year-round, and we are always open to extra hands for our Essence Festival activations, Creator’s House & Kickback. Our team is also available to connect, learn more about the brand, and be a source as you maneuver journalism, social media, and creativity.

Q: How Do You Mentally & Emotionally Prepare Yourself For Valentine’s Day Single?

GU: Though social media has become a vault of rose petal gestures and extravagant gifts it doesn’t have to put a damper on your Valentine’s Day. Being single on the holiday of love should not be deemed a bad thing because romantic love is not the only thing that should be celebrated. Since the pandemic, there’s been a resurgence in how we should prioritize our relationships with our loved ones. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you aren’t in a relationship, you can use this day to celebrate the people in your circle and pour into them and yourself.

Q: How Do I Get Comfortable Asking For Help?

GU: Pride and ego can become such a burden to our mental health. It’s easier to handle things by yourself as a trauma response to constant disappointment. Still, as we get older, it is our responsibility to break habits we’ve grown into. Asking for help is not a weakness nor a negative request. We should not have expectations to take things on the chin and suppress our feelings. The first few times you ask for help your ego might feel bruised, but it becomes easier. By asking for help, it builds a better community within your circle and allows you to be there for other people.

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