10 New Style Mavens To Follow In 2021

Here’s who to add to your feed.

There’s enough wardrobe selects to go around for everyone but when it comes to executing a fun style look, that is where the challenge lies. Purchasing contemporary pieces like Rick Owens sneakers or Bottega Veneta boots can seemingly put you into a group of cool fashionistas who are hip to early designs and fads. However, while an aspiring style maven may look to popular pages with over 100k followers for inspiration, there’s an emerging group of creatives who are next in line.

Instagram has curated a unique market for social media stars, and often those stand-out pages are utilized for campaigns and social partnerships. Over time, we have seen brands pull from the same bucket of influencers, shortening the chances for new faces to be discovered. As we enter a new year and as the fashion industry continues to find solutions for the lack of diversity, it is significant to support rising creatives in the same way we uplift some of our favorite style figures online.

In the spirit of offering Black curators the support and resources they need, in this day and age, a growing following and interactive stats are considered. Below are 10 pages to follow that will undoubtably give you all the style inspiration you will need.

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