10 Game-Changing Fashion Labels Led By Black Women

Here’s who should be on your radar.

There’s arguably nothing like adding a new piece of clothing to your wardrobe, and it’s even better when its Black -owned. Within the past year, we’ve collectively seen Black-owned brands in fashion, along with emerging designers, become a high priority in the industry. While past years may have left designers of colors underrepresented and underfunded, there is an evolving mandate that is allowing Black-owned brands to get the rightful recognition.

For women’s history month, ESSENCE is rounding up 10 fashion labels spearheaded by Black women. While the hope is that the fashion industry will expand its reach in the near future, there are currently only a small group of designers who are Black women. NYFW February 2020 included a full lineup with over 60 runway shows on the schedule, but the week only say 3 Black women—Tia Adeola, Fe Noel, and Serena Williams—present collections.

As the industry continues to evolve, we are catching more and more brands spearheaded by Black women being projected into the mainstream shopping landscape. From Brother Vellies to Stella Jean, here are a few designers making strides to celebrate for Women’s History Month.


Founder: Sade Mims

Brother Vellies

Founder: Aurora James

Fe Noel

Founder: Felisha Noel

Tia Adeola

Founder: Tia Adeola

Stella Jean

Founder: Stella Jean


Founder: Mowalola Ogunlesi


Founder: Aazhia Rhy

Lorraine West

Founder: Lorraine West


Founder: Serena Williams

Hope For Flowers

Founder: Tracy Reese

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