We’re Getting Real About Relationships

Relationships are a part of life and Girls United wants to help young people navigate them.

Dating can be tricky. Like, how do you make a long distance relationship work? Are you ignoring a ton of red flags? Is it ever a good time to move to a new state for your partner’s job? We’re not just here for moments of career-advancing adulting, we’re also here for love advice.

“We’re sincerely here for everyone, and we promise to keep it 100.”

Get Real is a safe space – nothing is off limits. Too many of our peers are feel to talk about their love lives to the adults around them, for fear of judgement. Believe me, we’ve all been teenagers before. We get it. This is the exact reason why we’ll have a column all about answering emails and DM’s from girls who want to know about relationships and sexuality. We understand that some people are learning about their identities in real time, and therefore will require more information than others. And that’s just fine.

If we don’t have the exact language or background that a group of readers need, we’ll work with the most suitable contributors to make sure all questions are met. We’re not pandering to anyone, and we’re not interested in only including groups for self-serving gain. There’s enough of that already, and being ingenuine doesn’t help anyone at all. We’re sincerely here for everyone, and we promise to keep it 100.

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